I know I’m not old, but I do feel myself getting older… I went out tonite to help my friend Stacey celebrate her birthday, and shortly after my arrival at the club, it became very clear to me that I’m not the party girl I used to be. Those of you who’ve only recently met me may find this hard to believe, but there was a time — and it wasn’t that long ago — when my friends and I would get to a club for happy hour while the sun was still shining, and stay there until the joint closed… like we had to lock up at the end of the nite… Now we just try to get in and get out before something bad happens… “OK, so we’ve been here for over an hour and nobody slipped on a beer puddle and broke a heel? No one got drunk and locked herself in a bathroom stall? Nobody split their pants on the dancefloor? KEWL… then let’s get out while the gettin’ is good…” Tee hee hee :)… I still LOVE to dance and have the occasional (HA!) drink or two. I’d just rather do it someplace where I don’t have to wear uncomfortable shoes or hear sorry pick-up lines and where no one sweats on me… like a nice lounge… or my apartment. Is that so wrong???

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