Or should I say I LOVE it… It doesn’t even matter what I’m trash-talking about — I do it for the sport. Sometimes I talk trash about being better than other people at things I’ve never even tried…

“No I’ve never heard of this activity before. But I’m willing to bet money that I’m better than you!”

Recently, I had plans to go bowling with a friend of mine who shall remain nameless… and Dawan kept telling me how good a bowler he was and how badly he was going to beat me… to which of course my first response was to tell him that he had never seen me bowl and if he thought he was going to beat me, he had another thing coming! (Incidentally, I know no one has used that phrase since the 70’s, but I thought it appropriate for this entry.) I went on to talk so much trash, that I ACTUALLY began to convince myself that I didn’t suck at bowling. Upon realizing that the truth was bound to come out. I retracted my comments, but as we haven’t actually been bowling yet, he doesn’t really know for sure if I suck or if I’m just trying to hustle him…… OK wait, even after I admitted that I suck, I still can’t stop talking smack. I have a problem. Please help me.

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