Happy New Year and the BEST GIFT EVER!

Happy New Year!

And thanks so much DC for 4 sold out shows at the DC Improv. Man, did I have a blast!!!

I know you can’t tell by looking at this picture. This picture looks like an audition pic for Bad Girls Club. But we really did have a ball. I even got a midnite kiss. Or two. ;) Shhhhhhh…

Now as some of you may remember, Dirty Dancing is my absolute favorite movie of all time, and I have been asking for the Dirty Dancing Board Game for the past three Christmases. WELL… after the NYE countdown show, one of my Facebook friends, Gaura presented me with a gift. I’d never received a gift at a show before so I was super geeked. As I started to unwrap it, I realized what it was and I started jumping up and down and screaming. Folks probably thought I was crazy…

Thanks Gaura. You are the GREATEST!!! You made my dream come true. Can’t wait to play! Think I’m gonna bust out my Dirty Dancing VHS for a little refresher before the board game tournament I’m planning with my friend Natalie.

Me and DDBG — Love at first sight.

I hope you all had a happy and safe New Year’s celebration. I’m looking so forward to 2011 and all the exciting things I KNOW it will bring — starting with this quick little nap I’mma sneak in before football starts. ;)

I’m almost off the market… Get it while you can!

OK! Now that I have your attention… DC peeps: I think there may still be a few tix left for my show tonite at the DC Improv. The Post Express did a plug today and I did a spot on Fox Morning News on Tuesday so we’ve been packed out so far. Would love for any/all of you local readers to come on down to the show so we can meet in the real world! Hope to see some of you guys this weekend!

New Years Eve Fun!!!

Hey you guuuuyyyyyssss!!!

If you’re gonna be in or around DC or are thinking about heading this way to celebrate New Years, might I suggest that you buy tickets to see me headline the DC Improv that weekend. We have shows Wed. thru Friday, and the NEW YEARS EVE dinner shows are gonna be SUPER fun! Great food, lots of drink. And you can watch me stay sober so I can work while you toast and get toasted. There is sure to be some bitterness on my part, but also a lot of hilarity. I’ve included the show information below:


12/29 & 12/30:
Showtimes: 8:00pm
Ticket Info: http://tinyurl.com/2et7aam

12/31 (NYE):
Friday: 8:00pm / 10:15 Countdown Show
Ticket Info: http://tinyurl.com/27x59at

1140 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 296-7008


I was so excited to be working the DC Improv on New Years Eve. This is me in the greenroom before the first show:

YAY! I just bought a digital camera yesterday (Welcome to the 21st century, EJ!), so I was able to bring you these photos in record time! I was pumped up and surprisingly sober :) HA! Mommy that was for you! The crowds were great… not NEARLY as rowdy as I thought they’d be. In fact they were actually more well-behaved than audiences on nites when heavy drinking is not mandatory… Perhaps it had something to do with paying nearly $100 for a ticket… but who’s to say? Had a great weekend working with Christian Finnegan and DC Improv fave Matt Kazam.

I love that club and all the folks in it… Allyson, Red, Monique, Skippy, Nate, and EVERYBODY else, thanks for all the love and I hope to be back soon!