I was so excited to be working the DC Improv on New Years Eve. This is me in the greenroom before the first show:

YAY! I just bought a digital camera yesterday (Welcome to the 21st century, EJ!), so I was able to bring you these photos in record time! I was pumped up and surprisingly sober :) HA! Mommy that was for you! The crowds were great… not NEARLY as rowdy as I thought they’d be. In fact they were actually more well-behaved than audiences on nites when heavy drinking is not mandatory… Perhaps it had something to do with paying nearly $100 for a ticket… but who’s to say? Had a great weekend working with Christian Finnegan and DC Improv fave Matt Kazam.

I love that club and all the folks in it… Allyson, Red, Monique, Skippy, Nate, and EVERYBODY else, thanks for all the love and I hope to be back soon!

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