The Greatest Tribute of All

So happy I caught this video in my Facebook newsfeed this afternoon. My friend Joy posted this video of a friend of hers singing a Whitney Houston tribute/medley and I almost didn’t watch it. Don’t make the mistake I almost made. This lady right here… Ms. Shelea Frazier, is a S-A-N-G-ERRRR!!! This tribute was beautifully done and so respectful… Please watch it and share it. With all the talent-deficient superstar “artists” radio tries to push down our throats, it’s refreshing to hear someone with real, pure talent.

That “…for the Bible” in “Jesus Loves Me” sent chills down my spine. Shelea also had a song on the “Jumping the Broom” soundtrack. Also fantastic!!!

Shelea, if you ever come across this, I wish you the very best in your career. And if you have an album, I want 3. Follow her on Twitter here.

You’re welcome.

I hope you don’t make it to the future / T-shirt Promo — Take 2

The video above is the bit that the t-shirts I sell after my shows are based on. Some people hate them and think they’re mean. But most people think they’re awesome — especially teachers. It AMAZES me how many teachers come up to me to tell me they’re teachers before they purchase one (or more). They always tell me they can’t wait til the weekend to wear it. I always imagine them running into their students and/or their parents at the grocery store.

It makes me happy.

Either way I know there are a lot of folks out there who share my sentiment. Maybe they wouldn’t say it so directly or in public, but I see y’all out there. It’s in the eyes. I know my Dad would/will die when he sees this clip (LANGUAGE!!!) Ha ha. But there’s no other way to tell that second story.

And it’s a story that must be told.

If you’re offended by this, I’m sorry you have no sense of humor. But if you’re not offended and want your own shirt, check out the merchandise page on my site and cop yourself one. It will make you happy too.

K-Ci and Oh No!

So this showed up in my Google reader as one of the most-viewed videos of the day. And I truly believe I’m solely responsible for this. Because I have watched this clip 312,457 times… and counting ;) Man, do y’all remember how dope Jodeci was? … I need to pull out Forever My Lady or Diary of a Mad Band STAT. Thems sure was the days…

Sidebar — WHO in the hell told K-Ci that it was OK to bare his cracky chest? Over the past few years, I don’t think I’ve seen one clip of him with a shirt on… (SMH). The funniest part is that K-Ci keeps singing. Michael K over at DListed says, “If K-Ci stops singing, they won’t get paid for the gig and who will pay for their crack rocks?!” Tee hee ;) … too funny. Why did dude just pick up the mic and keep stepping?… Like that ish happens every nite. Oh man…

I think Whitney said it best. Crack is whack… Do YOU know?