An understandable mistake – Pt. 3: Crack Edition


No one will blame you for confusing these two. It’s a completely understandable mistake.

This little number is to honor DC Mayor Emeritus Marion “Bitch set me up” Barry for the boldness he continuously displays in not paying taxes while he is on PAROLE for tax evasion. This is the second time he hasn’t filed since being convicted.

I wasn’t living in DC while he was mayor, but times sure musta been good. Because this man is a crack smokin’, no tax payin’, parole violatin’ felonious city official (re-elected mayor after CRACKgate and currently serving on the City Council) and people still think he can do no wrong. Talk about teflon. Dude must be a wizard.

K-Ci and Oh No!

So this showed up in my Google reader as one of the most-viewed videos of the day. And I truly believe I’m solely responsible for this. Because I have watched this clip 312,457 times… and counting ;) Man, do y’all remember how dope Jodeci was? … I need to pull out Forever My Lady or Diary of a Mad Band STAT. Thems sure was the days…

Sidebar — WHO in the hell told K-Ci that it was OK to bare his cracky chest? Over the past few years, I don’t think I’ve seen one clip of him with a shirt on… (SMH). The funniest part is that K-Ci keeps singing. Michael K over at DListed says, “If K-Ci stops singing, they won’t get paid for the gig and who will pay for their crack rocks?!” Tee hee ;) … too funny. Why did dude just pick up the mic and keep stepping?… Like that ish happens every nite. Oh man…

I think Whitney said it best. Crack is whack… Do YOU know?