So this showed up in my Google reader as one of the most-viewed videos of the day. And I truly believe I’m solely responsible for this. Because I have watched this clip 312,457 times… and counting ;) Man, do y’all remember how dope Jodeci was? … I need to pull out Forever My Lady or Diary of a Mad Band STAT. Thems sure was the days…

Sidebar — WHO in the hell told K-Ci that it was OK to bare his cracky chest? Over the past few years, I don’t think I’ve seen one clip of him with a shirt on… (SMH). The funniest part is that K-Ci keeps singing. Michael K over at DListed says, “If K-Ci stops singing, they won’t get paid for the gig and who will pay for their crack rocks?!” Tee hee ;) … too funny. Why did dude just pick up the mic and keep stepping?… Like that ish happens every nite. Oh man…

I think Whitney said it best. Crack is whack… Do YOU know?

2 thoughts on “K-Ci and Oh No!

  1. DWJ

    This ish gets funnier and funnier every time I watch it. I have tears in my eyes at my desk at work watching this. It is so sad and yet so hilarious at the same time!
    p.s. I love how you’re referencing google reader :)

  2. EJ

    I’m a believer now. Watch, I’ll be moving from medium-tech to hi-tech any day now… All I use the reader for are the cool Youtube feeds though ;) tee hee ;) DWJ — my tech guru, everyone!!!

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