Leaving Kentucky yesterday morning, I saw a sign on the highway for the Wild Turkey Distillery. I’ve never been a big fan of their drank, but I’m a huge Bourbon nerd and I’m trying to get my Bourbon Trail Passport all stamped up so I decided to check it out. Booker T, remember this post about the actual wild turkeys I found hanging out down the street from my house?

But I digress.


There was a church called Tyrone Baptist just down the way from the visitor’s center. Tyrone Baptist is precisely the kind of name I’d expect a church next door to the Wild Turkey distillery to have. 

image image

For $5 you get the 40-minute tour and two tastes at the end. This single barrel right here was more than worth it.  I was trying play it cool and take it like a (wo)man, but it hit me with that good burn. Nice smooth mix of vanilla and toffee notes… They’re still not my favorite distillery, but if you happened to come across this batch and wanted to buy it for me… I wouldn’t be ungrateful.

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