Drunk Dialing


Last nite I was a guest on the “Drunk Dialing with Dontay” podcast with LA Hair’s Dontay Savoy and the fab Ms. Poohbie Davenport. It was an absolute blast! I love LA Hair. I’ve seen every episode and we had the show’s star, hair guru, Kim Kimble on “Exhale” last season. Dontay is handsome and hilarious and my favorite stylist on the show. So I literally jumped at the opportunity to do his podcast.

We talked comedy and “Exhale” and drunk texting, all while downing shots of Makers Mark. Because I got to choose the liquor. Which was clearly a setup… The convo got a little fresh after shot #2, but we’re all adults here, right? Right. You should definitely check it out. And subscribe to the podcast. Dontay is beyond hilarious. Here are a few more pics. Y’all can see where this is going…

Listen to the podcast here.




Wild Turkey and Tyrone


Leaving Kentucky yesterday morning, I saw a sign on the highway for the Wild Turkey Distillery. I’ve never been a big fan of their drank, but I’m a huge Bourbon nerd and I’m trying to get my Bourbon Trail Passport all stamped up so I decided to check it out. Booker T, remember this post about the actual wild turkeys I found hanging out down the street from my house?

But I digress.


There was a church called Tyrone Baptist just down the way from the visitor’s center. Tyrone Baptist is precisely the kind of name I’d expect a church next door to the Wild Turkey distillery to have.  Continue reading →

Jive Turkeys

I’m used to seeing this type of Wild Turkey in my hood:

But I was in Ft. Dupont Park in Southeast DC this afternoon and I saw these actual wild turkeys. I was buggin’.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean granted, it is the Monday after Thanksgiving so maybe they thought it was safe to come out of hiding because the coast was clear, but what the hell are they doing in the city in the first place?!?!? Somebody needs to tell them Fort Dupont Park might not be the best place to hide out if they’re trying to avoid getting shot.

Better bammas than them have played and lost at that game.

One of my neighbors said that the the first time he saw them he thought he was tripping so hard he was scared to mention it to anyone. Hahaha. I didn’t know if they were dangerous or what, so I did a little research. Of course by “did a little research,” I mean “posted a Facebook status asking if they were dangerous.”

Let’s just say that based on the answers I got I decided to get back in the car and go home! But not before I had a little photo shoot…

Say cheese, jive turkeys!

Yeah, I really typed that.