WaPo reads this blog… Way cool! ;)

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So the WaPo Express Blog Log, picked up yesterday’s blog about my (ahem) ‘blunt’ psychic reading. That’s my quote up in the top left corner (that’s me in the spotlight… losing my religion. Literally. My Dad would freak if he knew I visited a psychic. Good thing he doesn’t read my blog)… Did you read it? If not, all you gotta do is scroll down a little bit. Haha… It’s kinda funny if I do say so myself. Thanks to Leon for letting me know about it. Since I don’t commute to anywhere besides my living room I don’t ever really see the Express.

A bonus b-day gift

That's me in the corner... That's me in the spotlight ;)

That's me in the corner... That's me in the spotlight... Sing along, y'all ;)

In addition to the $31 check from my mom and two days worth of flu-like symptoms, I got another bonus b-day treat courtesy of the folks at the WaPo Express. They picked up my birthday blog in the March 25th edition of Blog Log.

Pretty cool. I guess people do read this thing ;) Tee hee ;)

Thanks for letting me know about this Leon!