1: The evolution of a joke
Watching a comedian start with a premise, add to it, subtract from it and then turn it into something amazing. Some of my favorite shows have been when I’ve worked with or gone to see a comic who was working on material for a specific event — a DVD taping or an HBO special. You see the material in its rawest form and they’re not afraid to ask the audience, “Does that work for you?” What part of that bit did y’all like?” I saw Robert Klein do that. It was like a 2-hour show and it was super entertaining. A workshop. And when I actually saw the special it was like WOW. This is the job. This is what it is. I’ve heard people say, “I bombed at an open mic.” And that makes zero sense to me. The way I see it, if the purpose is to find out if a bit or a part of the bit works, then whether or not people laugh, you’ve done what you came to do. That’s just where the process begins.

2: The beat before the punch
There is no better feeling than when you know you’ve got an entire room full of people with you. I live for that moment right before the punch, when it’s totally silent and you can feel people listening harder — waiting for it… And if the joke hits, maaan, that’s just the best feeling in the world.

3: Comedy club hot wings
Really. Do I need to elaborate? If you’re a comedy club with no hot wings on the menu, shame on you! It’s like not having a brick wall. Can somebody say BOOTLEG?

OK, so that’s it for part 1. Who knows, I’ve been better lately about updating this thing, so there could quite possibly be a part 2. Stay tuned!

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