Living in DC for as long as I have, I sometimes feel like I’ve become immune to crazy. I don’t really stare or pay much attention at all to the crazies… And I feel like I’ve become a pretty good judge of whether or not someone’s REALLY crazy, or just acting a damn fool for attention’s sake.  But I was totally thrown on Sunday nite. I was in my car on the way to the Improv and I was at the light on Mass and New Jersey I think? And there was this guy waiting to cross the street. He had on sweats so I assumed he was a jogger waiting for the light to change. As he was standing there, he started shadow boxing — which by itself isn’t really crazy. I’ve seen guys do that plenty of times… But this guy… he was getting hit back.


Like uppercuts to the chin. Repeatedly. Now before you ask, no — it was not regular shadow box bobbing and weaving. He was kicking his ass. Guess he didn’t see it coming… HA! And neither did ANYONE ELSE.

It was the kind of crazy I wasn’t prepared for… How are you gonna be shadow boxing and lose? That’s redunk…

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