As soon as I saw her I knew what was about to go down. I was in Lane Bryant looking for a nice red necklace to go with this red bag and shoes I have my eye on, and there was this petite little foreign lady staring at me. She had in her hands the LARGEST pair of jeans in the store and as she starts walking towards me I try to brace myself.

PLFL: This is 28. Is your size?
Me: NO!

I rolled my eyes and tried to walk away.

PLFL: Well (reaching out to grab my arm), would be too small?… or too big?
Me: (HUFF) Too big.
And I’m thinking, “You’re holding the jeans up not a foot from me. Can’t you see that they would be too big?” But instead of saying anything, I just put down the necklace I was looking at, turned around and walked out of the store. Maybe I overreacted a little, but really, who even let her in? I think that in order to shop in a plus size store, you should have to meet some kind of height/weight requirement. There should be a cut out or display or something like at Disney World… “You must be ‘this’ big to enter this store. If you do not meet size requirements, you must be accompanied by a regulation big girl.”
Plus, what woman buys clothes for someone when they have no idea what size they are? Duh! I mean, even guys these days know to peek in their girlfriend’s jeans or swipe a look at her bra before trying shop for her. I might have even been willing to help her — maybe — if she’d been like, “My friend/sister/cousin is about your size. Would you mind helping me find something that might fit her?” But what she did was so not cool. Boo!

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