If for some reason after all my pleading (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE) you did not watch the video to the left, I encourage you to do so immediately. We all have things we’re scared of, but leave it to Maury Povich to find the only two women on the planet willing to admit on national television that they are deathly afraid of… pickles and mustard. WHAT? Ridiculous as it is, this is one of the MOST entertaining things I’ve seen in a long time. I cram to understand (yes, I’m bringing it back – BIG UP MC Lyte!) why Maury didn’t apply the same formula he’s used for years on his network talk show to his and Connie’s cable show. Surely it would have been more successful. You think people teased you in school before because of your (ahem, ahem)… unique phobia? Well let’s see how they treat you after they see you trying to outrun a tray of pickles… Sidebar — do u think as a prerequisite to being a guest on Maury, you have to demonstrate your ability to run like a lunatic around the studio? I mean, at least one woman does it every week on Paternity Test Tuesday. Maybe it’s like running the 40 at football tryouts… The producer has his stop watch out like, Yes, yes… that’s a great story… but uh… how fast can you run around the studio barefoot? Get set…. GO!!!! I dunno — Anyway, watch the video. It will not disappoint.

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