Gallagher’s wet dream

I had a show in Austin, TX a few weeks ago and got caught on the Interstate behind this truck. Notice how there is no grate or anything to hold up the watermelons. Dude was SPEEDING down the highway and I was trying my best to stay in front of him in case something happened and he had to hit the brakes quickly. All I kept thinking was: There’s gonna be a melon slide and I’m gonna get one caught underneath this rental car and I should have taken out the extra insurance and I bet this is how all of Gallagher’s wet dreams begin…

I ended up behind him at this toll booth, and after pulling off I was able to get around him. But I took this photo and posted it to Twitter as a #CaptionThis challenge and got some fun replies. Here are a few of them:

Can you think of any more? If so, feel free to leave a comment. And try not to be too sensitive. #SometimesStereotypesAreFunny

Follow me

How cool is this: Huffington Post included me in their 18 Funny Women You Should Be Following On Twitter article this afternoon. I can’t believe how many new followers that article sent my way. I was on the road when they posted it, and my Blackberry was going off like crazy because I have my Twitter set to notify me when I get a new follower… When I finally was able, I pulled over to see my inbox was flooded, but I had no idea where all the new follows were coming from. At first I thought: “Wow, that’s a lot of spam!” And then I thought: “My sex tape must have gotten out…” But I did a little digging and found out what it was. Hooray!

It’s just nice to know they’ve heard of me!

Is nothing sacred?

Yesterday morning I was on the phone with my mom trying to help her reconnect to her Wi-Fi at home. My dad had borrowed her laptop for travel and she didn’t know how to get back online… Any Gen-X’er who has ever tried to explain computer functionality and/or the Internet to their folks has certainly felt my pain. I know I should be more understanding, but it’s something I have very little patience for because it’s such a no-brainer to me… Anyway, getting to the point, I posted the following update on Twitter:



She somehow found it and e-mailed me. Here is the exchange that ensued:

——Original Message——
From: Linda Jackson
To: Me
Subject: Don ‘t Be Talkin”Bout me on da web
Sent: Jun 27, 2009 1:53 PM

Walking my mom through her computer problems might be the most frustrating thing I’ve ever done. I love her ’cause she made me, but DAMN… about 5 hours ago from web


From: <>
To: “Linda Jackson” <>
Sent: Saturday, June 27, 2009 4:02 PM
Subject: Re: Don ‘t Be Talkin;”Bout me on da web

How did you find that? Hahaha… I said I loved you


From: Linda Jackson
To: Me
Subject: Re: Don ‘t Be Talkin”Bout me on da web
Sent: Jun 27, 2009 4:03 PM


ha ha ha!

I thought it was hilarious that she called me out. I didn’t even know my mom knew what Twitter was. I guess that’s it for online venting about family. I never imagined my mom logging onto a social networking site, but I guess the days of innocence are over.


She never ceases to amaze me.