Miles the Bulldog

Nope this is not a postcard or a stock photo.

This is Miles Avore ;) Adorable bulldog of Karen and Chris — who incidentally are expecting their very own new bundle of little person joy any day now! How exciting ;) I’ve been asking for months — actually since the day I found out Karen was expecting — if they’d consider naming the baby Erin Rashida.

I believe they seriously considered it… Because it makes me giggle to think so.

But about a week ago Chris told me that Erin Rashida Avore was out of the running because a panel of baby-naming experts determined that the clash of the soft vowel sounds in the middle and last names would be too troublesome. Totally get it. I know that if y’all had a different last name, she’d be named after me for sure. And hey look, I appreciate the offer, but I can’t let you guys change your last name. Too much paperwork… Y’all should just go ahead and pick another name.

Anyway, back to the adorable-ness that is Miles… I’m severely allergic to most dogs and all cats, but I would snuggle with this dog until the EMS techs pried him from my itchy, swollen hands. Seriously.

Want to see more Miles? Check out his website: Miles the Bulldog

Merry almost Christmas, guys. You are so welcome.

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