Yay! So thanks to my BFF Angi who works for the Atlanta Falcons (for like 2 more months… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t leave!!!), I was able to score tickets for me and my pop to the PHI/ATL game in Philly this afternoon. I was super excited as you can imagine — I don’t think I’ve been to a Philly game in like 3 years.


This is me and my boy John. He is from Atlanta and he’s a Falcon fan. We did a show together on Thursday nite and took this picture to commemorate our friendship. John seemed to think that no matter the outcome of today’s game, one of us would talk so much crap, our friendship would be over. Knowing that my team was going to win, I assured him that I was a better sport than that. Yet somehow he didn’t believe me. I know right… ME??? Talking trash about football??? ;)



The Phillies were playing at home tonite as well, so pretty much everyone in the stadium was decked out in gear for both teams. There were signs everywhere begging the Eagles fans to give up their parking spaces and cut the tailgating short for the World Series attendees. Yeah, good luck with that…


This was my first game at Lincoln Financial. Man, we’ve come a long way from the Vet. I didn’t see one rat… ;)


Me & Pop… we’re in our seats now and we’re ready for kickoff!


During halftime there was a rock band that performed. They were pretty good. Their name was Burnt Sienna. And they were white. If you don’t see the irony in that, then you’ve probably never been a small brown child looking for the appropriate color for your skin in a crayon box… I’m just saying.



When the Eagles pulled ahead 20-7, a lot of Philly fans thought we had it locked up so they started leaving the stadium. The guy below called them “fake fans” and then began spewing THE most excellent verbal assaults I’ve ever heard. He said words I knew must be profane, yet I have no idea what they actually mean. I’m gonna Google them tonite ;) “This” guy is at every pro sporting event — I mean not this actual guy, but a guy just like him. And he’s the best part of the day.

I heart this guy.


Eagles Crocs… for the stripper who enjoys Philly football and sensible shoes.


This is my pop after I told him that if he didn’t learn to be more appreciative, next time I was bringing my REAL dad to the game ;)

Tee hee ;)

So excited that we won today. The bye week was right on time — gave B. West time to heal and he looked great! But I tell you what — that Matt Ryan is a bad boy. I mean, Michael Vick, WHO??? Poor thing. Another losing record and a sorry QB replacement were his best hopes for a return from obscurity. Oh well. It was a good game, but I definitely believe it ended the way it should. Sorry John. Call me. I still love you ;)

Record: 4-3

3 thoughts on “PHI 27, ATL 14 — a photo essay

  1. John McBride

    OK, OK, good game. That one hurt as a Falcons fan. Below is something I wrote on sunday right after the game that I intended to e-mail to you. But I knew it would be better not to send it. Just because I was so pist. I’ve calmed down now and don’t actually feel this way but I don’t think that I shouldn’t deprive you of my rant which bounces all over the place. Anyone from Philly relax, I don’t really hate your city, only when you guys beat the falcons. So please enjoy.

    John on Sunday Night:

    That picture of us on Thursday seems like it was so long ago. So much was wrong with that game. The fantom “muffed” punt! The flag on Milloy for just properly laying out LJ Smith on a tipped pass! If we were able to challenge the call on the punt it would have been overturned. I am sure you felt the momentum of the game turning. The falcons had 2 and a half minutes to get the TD and the win…I will not lie to you, I am bitter. I am as bitter as those western PA folks clinging to their guns and religion.

    Fucking Philly! I hate the whole state of PA really. PA has just been a thorn in my side. I think I got my first speeding ticket in PA, I got an underaged drinking citation in PA, I have also met some of the scariest rednecks I have ever seen in my life in PA…and I grew up in Georgia. Now eventhough my mom lives outside of Philly now, and my sister and my lil nephew live in Philly(growing up in West Philly…poor little guy), I swear to God if PA doesn’t go Obama this election, I am done with that state all together. McCain is campaigning like crazy there because he see’s something there that he can exploit, and I’m pretty sure what he see’s is stupidity. But If Obama doesn’t carry PA, I will never set foot there ever again. That would have to be the last straw. I know Barack probably won’t win in Georgia but that’s Georgia. PA needs to at least act like it’s are above the Mason Dixon line for christ sake.

    Did you know Philly is one of the only major cities who’s population is decreasing? Did you know that? I don’t blame people in Philly for either leaving or dying. If I lived there I would probably just choose death too. You know what pisses me off? I gave Philly some credit. When they booed the shit out of Palin at that hockey game, I thought “Hey, these assholes ain’t so bad, at least they have their priorities straight.” Then I realized you guys weren’t booing Palin. I’m pretty sure everyone thought that it was Tina Fey and since she was a New Yorker, Philly’s weird inferiority complex kicked in and you felt the need to boo.

    That game was bullshit. I hope you don’t make the playoffs and your fans turn on Donavan again eventhough it is never his fault. Then you release him for no reason, bring in some garbage ass QB who had one good game and you team suffers for the rest of it’s existance. I hope Donavon moves on to another NFC East team and just pounds the Eagles for the rest of his career. That’s my hope, and to tell you the truth it has come so close to happeneing that it may actually be a reality soon.

  2. Erin

    Hahaha… well why don’t you tell us how you really feel J-Mac ;) I bet it felt good to release that venom… Although I feel your hatred of Philadelphia is really misdirected self (and by self I mean ‘ATL Falcons’) loathing.

    As I am not from Philly I’m not really offended by anything you said here. And as a true Eagles fan, I turned on Donovan for about a quarter and a half myself before rejoining the love fest. Haha…

    I still heart you. Let’s go out for drinks and mend our friendship.

    Holler ;)

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