Alright, so I’m about to show my true “Philly Fan” colors and turn on my team. After the way the game started, I cannot believe what I’m seeing. Its’ the 2-minute warning right now and I’m turning off the TV.

How the hell did we go up 14-0 at home after not allowing 1 touchdown at the Lincoln all season, and end up losing 23-17? Well, let’s dissect:

  • David Akers – Second week in a row, dude. That’s three FG’s you’ve missed, man. I’m waaaay over you. If I played fantasy football, you’d be on a very real bench.

  • Passing game – No really… where WAS it? If you can’t run the ball, throw it. Seems like a pretty obvious adjustment. And when Donovan did put the ball right in the receivers’ hands, they couldn’t hold on to it. You gotta make those… But hey what do I know? I’m just a girl who likes to look at boys in tight pants.

  • Running game – I do not understand how in back to back games, we (the supposedly 6th-best offense in the league) have repeatedly failed to score from less than 4 yards out. I’m sick.

  • Defense – We didn’t look like one of the top 10 defenses in the league. Period.

Exhale… It was good to see DeSean Jackson protect the ball this week. Beautiful punt return. He’s made some rookie mistakes but dude is the truth! It was awesome to see #36 over the ankle injury, looking agile as ever. And it’s great to finally see a healthy McNabb. Yeah, we were missing Shawn Andrews… But this week. Honestly. I have no excuses. We laid down. I’m pissed.

I have tickets to see the Eagles play the Falcons in a few weeks, but I have no idea what type of fan I will be by October 26th. Will I be the supportive die-hard fan I’ve always been? Or will I have morphed into the volatile kind of rabble rouser that would have ended up in the old Veterans Stadium jail?

Only time will tell.

I bought this Mitchell & Ness throwback a couple months ago.


HOT, huh? I couldn’t wait for it to get chilly so I could wear it around town and taunt all the Skins fans I’m forced to interact with on a daily basis. But now I don’t have the guts. Damn you Eagles.

Record: 2-3

One thought on “PHI 17, WAS 23

  1. Odyssey Michaels

    Did I tell you or did I tell you? I predicted that sad little face at the beginning of this blog over two weeks ago. “It’ll be the one of me smiling!”, you said. It’s not. Don’t turn on your team. Wear your gear with pride. I do have a problem with everyone thinking that it’s some miracle that Washington is beating the crap out of folks. We won because we beat you (I’m putting ‘you’ and ‘me’ on the teams as if we actually play) plain and simple. Accept it. Admit it. We played better than you did. Hail to the Redskins!

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