I do. Because the one I have now requires me to actually pull it out of the closet, plug it in, and push it around the room.

I know, right?

Any suggestions on a replacement? I have no patience for this archaic cleaning device.

2 thoughts on “I need a new vacuum cleaner

  1. Chris

    Greetings from GoVacuum.com,

    We’d be happy to make a recommendation for you on a new vacuum cleaner. We carry vacuums from $19.99, to $6,000, so wherever you feel comfortable, we’ll have the right vacuum cleaner for you.

    We have some online video reviews of some of the models we carry here;

    If you’d like a personal recommendation, I’d be happy to give you my advice on a model that will fit your needs.

    Please email me if you’ve have any questions.

    Chris Jones

  2. Mo

    i don’t think you need a new vacuum cleaner at all. (Sorry, Chris of Go Vacuum). I think you need a bit of motivation, a visit from your parents, or maybe even a housekeeper. You won’t even have to plug anything in– just leave cash on the kitchen table.

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