On Wednesday I took my car to the Black-owned car wash/detailing spot not far from my house. And on the wall inside the building (where you can stand to watch your car go thru the brushes) there were a series of photos and posters commemorating great Black leaders… Cool, right?

The first photo was of Nelson Mandela:


The next photo was of Dr. King:


The next was a poster listing some of the major contributors and pioneers of the Harlem Renaissance:


And last but certainly not least…


LeBron James???


I was with them up until that point. I mean, I watched the whooping Cleveland put on the Lakers last nite, but I’m not sure Bron Bron deserves to be considered in the same company with these folks — hilarious though it was. You gotta appreciate the owner putting his own little stank on the Black history wall, but…


Ha ha. Even though I hate the internet-ism “LOL” this photo array literally had me chuckling from deep in my belly. ;)

Hope you’re all enjoying the holidays. Have fun and be safe!!!

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