Ripped from the headlines

Or, you know, my text convos…

I just finished listening to game tape from a set I did back on May 6 in Cincinnati. The audience was awesome and towards the end of the show, I asked them if they’d gone out the night before for Cinco de Mayo. A bunch of them had, but no one seemed to know what the day actually signifies. So I told them what my friend Damon told me it was…

I cannot take credit for all the ignorance that comes out of my mouth; sometimes, I’m just the conduit. But this fool said, “Sing, sing, celebrate,” y’all. I hate him for this. And you should, too.


Great leaders in Black history? (Snarf…)

On Wednesday I took my car to the Black-owned car wash/detailing spot not far from my house. And on the wall inside the building (where you can stand to watch your car go thru the brushes) there were a series of photos and posters commemorating great Black leaders… Cool, right?

The first photo was of Nelson Mandela:


The next photo was of Dr. King:


The next was a poster listing some of the major contributors and pioneers of the Harlem Renaissance:


And last but certainly not least… Continue reading →