Really. It’s like they have no idea. Most of you guys have never met me but you know how I feel about El Snuggie. I mean I have a category on my blog entitled “Snuggies are awesome.” Well, this year for Christmas I asked for the Deluxe Snuggie (the one with the pockets), and my father bought me (wait for it…) a “Premium Softie” instead.

I’m so not lying.

I joked on Facebook that it was just a lined sleeping bag with arm holes:


But I finally decided to open the box and I realized that there aren’t even any arm holes. It’s just a blanket — and not a very big one — with a couple snaps and a zipper.


Nuff said.

My mom bought me a jar that I could put spare change in that counts the change as it goes in:


Cool in theory. I currently throw my spare change into Arizona Iced Tea containers. But in reading the directions I realized that if the batteries die and you have to replace them, the jar resets to zero. Um… Plus, what better gift on Christmas than a reminder that you can just barely afford to do your laundry?


It wasn’t a total loss of course. I did get a CVS gift card (Yay!!!) and a gift card to Starbucks. AND I mooched some cute sweaters my mom bought but was never gonna wear, so I’ll say I made out well ;)

How was your Christmahanukwanzaka? Hope you’re enjoying this holiday season with family and friends.

Happy Belated Birthday Baby Jesus and Happy Almost New Year!!! See you on the other side.

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas? a.k.a. My parents have no idea who I am

  1. Erin

    Haha Jenny, I don’t think they regifted me. Because I can’t imagine who would have given them those gifts. But I do think maybe they bought my gifts while they were waiting at some store in the checkout line ;)

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