Today I did a performance out on the Wilson Plaza of the Ronald Reagan Building in downtown D.C. It’s a lunchtime thing where tourists and people who work in the area can come outside and see a bunch of different kinds of shows. It’s free and it happens every weekday all summer long. It was really, really fun. Also on the show were a couple of good friends…

Queen Aishah: She’s a good friend and NJ homegirl. We met about 4 years ago, and she’s been absolutely awesome to me. If you don’t know her, Boo for you! She’s hilarious. She’s done ComicView, had her own commercial for Verizon a little while back and she used to be on the Russ Parr Morning Show based here in D.C.

and Kevin Lee: Kevin’s a Def Jam alum… from the first go-round. He does comedy and magic and juggling and….. Very funny and a very cool guy as well.

The show was a blast. It was really chilly outside this morning, but it warmed up a little in time for the show and we had a pretty good crowd out. Of course it was a G-rated show, but it was awesome. There were some little kids out there who absolutely LOVED Kevin. He let them help with the magic tricks and kept throwing out all these jokes that went right over their heads… It was perfect. Anyways, it was big fun. BTW, the photos I took are pretty good, huh? I even took the one of me. Yes, I am amazing! Anyways, this show was probably the highlight of my day, but if anything else goes down, I’ll be sure to let y’all know. Peace.

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