That’s the name of the new single off Prince’s latest album “Planet Earth” If you don’t have it, you should pick it up, or pull it down, or whatever. This song is HOT!!! with a capital SERIOUSLY.


Prince can take a song called Future Baby Mama and make it an anthem for women — make us forget that baby mamadom is not what we should be aspiring to… WHY? Because he is Prince. Like I said, I love the song, but I think it’s hilarious how he’s basically telling this woman how all of the other women he’s dated in the past didn’t have what it takes to be his future baby mama. They weren’t special enough. But she IS. The chorus says: “None of them got what it takes, to be a future baby mama…”

I’m sorry, but did the connotation of the phrase “baby mama” change without me knowing? None of them got what it takes, to be a future baby mama… that’s like saying “Girl, none of the other women I’ve ever been with have been worthy of the disrespect I’m about to shower on you. Baby, I’m gonna ignore your phone calls and neglect our children… because you’re so special to me.”

Why not say they don’t have what it takes to be my wife, my everlasting love…? Again I’ll tell you why. Because he is Prince. He could say any crazy thing that came into his head and we’d all still swoon. Fantasia, who is herself a B-A-B-Y-M-A-M-A, sang about it and got blasted. She was trying to ‘reclaim’ the word and make it positive and she got slammed. Prince writes a song about baby mamas and he’s probably gonna get a Grammy.

Gotta love it!

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