Each year on the Tuesday before Halloween, thousands of Washingtonians come out to Dupont Circle for the annual High Heel Race. Dupont is the center of DC’s gay community and the high heel drag race is an event where a bunch of men dressed in drag and other crazy costumes come out and put on a mini-parade which culminates in a race down 17th Street. I’ve been attending religiously for the past 4 or 5 years and I heart it.

I had a pretty bad day today. Got some awful news that completely bummed me out. I almost didn’t go but as I was sitting at home on my sofa I thought to myself, “What better way is there to pull yourself out of a funk than to go to something so ridiculous?” So I got up and went and I’m super glad I did.


This is me and my bud, Kojo. I brought him to the race for the first time last year. It took some convincing, but after last year’s event I think he was hooked. Now he’s my drag race road dawg ;)


That’s me and over my shoulder are Bearah Palin (get it… he’s a bear?) and Joe the Plumber. Note ‘Joe’s’ embroidered/bedazzled shirt and the tool belt.


Me with Ace and Gary — the Ambiguously Gay Duo


I think these dudes were supposed to be the mothers from the polygamist compound in Texas… I think. If so, I’m not exactly sure why one of the babies is black, but it’s absolutely hilarious!


I don’t know what to say about this one… 

Here are a few of my fave photos from years past:


This costume was awesome. Wish you could see the whole thing. -’07


Don’t taze me, bro – ’07


Me and Lady Di – ’05

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