So a few of you have asked why I haven’t blogged in a while. Well, I gotta be honest. There’s not much to post about these days. The Eagles lost to the Saints on Saturday nite. I had a show and I was all bummed that I was gonna miss the game, but then I remembered that my show was at a sports bar. Hooray! Jesus does love me. I went early, planted myself at the bar in front of a big TV, ordered a Yeungling (yes a Yuengling) and got ready to cheer on my birds. I even made some new friends that nite – several of whom had teeth. Yee-haw!!!
The bar I was at was one of those places where it’s impossible to separate the show from the… “ambiance.” And as a performer, I usually hate that, cause I’m like why even commit to a comedy nite if you’re not gonna turn off the TV above the stage? But on Saturday I didn’t care. I knew the roars coming from the bar weren’t because I was killing. I knew they meant something good happened. And please believe every time they cheered, I asked for an update. Unprofessional? Maybe. Do I regret it? Not at all. Shouting “Hit that rookie!” as the D-line put a hurtin’ on Reggie Bush — I couldn’t help myself. 

It was a really good game ’til the very end. They gave it their all and really could have pulled it out. I have nothing bad to say about my team. I mean, every win over the last month and a half was just a treat. No one expected them to do nearly this well. I’m pleased and looking forward to next year… again. 

Now on to BIGGER things – if not bettee. This morning a saw a giant playing “My Cheri Amor” on a flute at the subway station. Yes a giant. And well maybe “playing the flute” was a little generous. I mean he played a few notes, and the rest he mostly hummed into the mouthpiece. Yeah it’s 30 degrees outside, bruh, and I’m standing here watching you, but you’re not fooling anyone. No tip for you. If you want to hear some real flute-tastic music, check out my girl Sky Chari. She’s an amazing flautist and music instructor based in Cali. If you appreciate true musicianship, you’ll love Sky’s stuff. We go way back to marching band in high school. My homie, Sky.
Well, I think that’s it for today. Laters.

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