Just finished a great weekend at the Comedy Factory in Baltimore with my boy Vince Morris. As always, we had a blast working together. After the first show Vince brought me along to an interview on XM’s Channel 169 – The Power from midnite ’til 2. That was big fun. Big thanks to Alvin Jones and GoGo Rudy for having me on (like they’re reading this :)

Yesterday I was in Foot Locker when a man in a motorized wheelchair rolled into the store (pun intended). He only had one leg and he asked the manager if there was any way he could sell him two right tennis shoes because he didn’t need a left one. The manager said he was pretty sure the guy’d need to pay for two pairs of shoes. But he told him to ‘sight tight’ while he checked on something in the back. He came back out with a box of Nike tennis shoes. TWO RIGHT FEET. He said that there’d been a mistake with the shipment and he was welcome to buy them. The guy in the wheelchair looked in the box and was like “Nah man, I can’t wear those. Those ain’t the new ones…”


“I cant wear those. Those ain’t the new ones?” I think if you go into a sporting goods store and make a request like that, and a manager comes back to you with a pair of two right tennis shoes IN YOUR SIZE, you should be required by law to buy them. I mean sure, you have the right to hold out for what you want, but I think it’s pretty clear God wants you to have those shoes, so stop being ungrateful. Plus… actually I’m not even going to type the ignorant statement that’s in my head right now. I want to, but I won’t… Use your imagination and come up with something on your own. Toodles.

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