Before I get into my main point, I would just like to thank Kanye for not letting me down. He did win a couple awards, but he still gave me what I needed. If you hadn’t been bored to sleep yet, you may remember Kanye’s “unprepared” acceptance speech, where he started off by saying, “I had no idea,” and then pulled out a letter-sized paper with the words “THANK YOU LIST” typed in large bold print on the back. Man, he really thought that bit was gonna kill, but instead… crickets. Hey Kanye, I’m a comic. I know the feeling. HA! He is such a top-notch jerk I almost wanna like him… Oh and then there was his performance where he began by saying something like. “This is my second year here. If I don’t win, there’s gonna be a problem…” Really, Kanye? You’re wearing on everyone’s patience.

And now to my main point… I realize that I have a disease. Website-itis. I’m trying to deal with it, but I cannot stop changing this site, no matter how hard I try… Thanks for stopping by enough to notice, but please stop e-mailing me and telling me that you like or don’t like what I’ve done, cuz it’ll probably be different tomorrow. It’s the way I’ve always been. I learn something new and I dive into it. This stuff (shout out to Rouhier) is really cool, and I enjoy learning it. Hey, at least I’m getting my $4.99/month worth!

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