Apparently, Auntie’s baby is a bit concerned with my relationship status. His mom told me that last night when she was saying bedtime prayers with him they prayed for Auntie Rhonda and Uncle Charles, Auntie Peg and Uncle Nick, but when they got to Auntie Erin he said “And Uncle?…” And she had to say “No Uncle…”

No Uncle.

I hate that even the baby knows I suck at love. Of course he wasn’t trying to hurt my feelings but I feel like I need to defend myself. But how do you have that conversation with an 18-month old?

“Well Roman, Auntie Erin is isn’t married because she is very busy. I travel 4-5 days a week. And despite my outgoing on-stage persona, I’m a pretty shy when it comes to guys… I know, it surprises lots of people… Plus I have some trust issues. And very little game. What? No, gimme that. Do not put that in your mouth!…”


Kids sure do say the darndest (and realest) things.

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