So last Friday while I was still in Cincy, I visited the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I felt like I needed to experience something moving and inspirational in order to balance out some of the other things I saw while I was there… The museum is relatively new (5 yrs.) and really one of the best I’ve ever been to. If you’re ever visiting Cincinnati, I highly recommend you visit.


There was an audio tour that you could listen to to enhance the exhibits. Really, really good.


I probably shouldn’t admit this, but whenever I see a photo of Frederick Douglass I can’t help but think of this guy from Tales from the Hood:


or Sam Jackson in Unbreakable:


I can’t help it. And I’m not gonna lie… I was a little disappointed that Sam Jackson wasn’t doing Frederick Douglass’ voice. Angela Bassett and Oprah lent their voices… I’m just sayin’. It’d have been perfect.

There were people of all different backgrounds there. Not sure we were all there for the same reasons though…

Reminiscing… (click this link for a short video clip)


There was a group of middle school students doing a video project on what freedom means to them. I helped them by giving them an interview. This is my interviewer and all around awesome take charge girl, Kelly!

The exhibits were pretty awesome:

This is a replica of a slave holding pen in Kentucky

This is a replica of a slave holding pen in Kentucky.

Dissecting the hidden meaning...

Dissecting the hidden meaning...

This was a very cool exhibit where they broke down the signals the slaves were sending to each other thru the dirges and spirituals they sang. Some of these I had heard before, but some I had not.

There were two very good films that I really enjoyed too. I won’t go into detail about everything I saw because I want you (yes, you) to see it for yourself ;) Waaaay worth the $9 admission! Plus after hearing all those stories about brave, selfless, compassionate black (and non-black) people, I feel like my feng shui, qi… whatever… is back on track.

Off to VA, SC, TN & PA this week to make funnies and search for more hijinx. Talk soon.

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