OK… so this morning while I was waiting for the bus, there was this other woman waiting there with her son – He was maybe 2 or 3… I got on to my bus and they were still waiting for the next one. And the bus driver asks me “Is that your little grandson?” GRANDSON? Now granted my face was covered a bit by my jacket hood, but damn if I look like someone’s grandma…
So I’m cool at first like “HA! You really think I look old enough to have a grandkid?” And he’s like, “Well you know these days, people get started so early.” And I’m like WHAT? I’m 28 years old… and so stops for a second and looks at me hard and I’m thinking now he’s gonna look at me and be like oh, my bad… But instead he looks at me and then says YOU’RE 28? – like he couldn’t believe it. Are you SERIOUS? Y’all I was about to cry. For real.

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