Toothpaste for Dinner is THE coolest website. The humor may be a little abstract, but it’s HI-larious to me!!! This is a cartoon from last week. I’m still cracking up… Way to blackmail your boss… My mom came to visit me over the long weekend. And she came with me to a show I did on Sunday nite… which was great. I wonder sometimes about how she’ll react to certain material, but she’s always super supportive. It’s awesome to have someone who’s in your corner, no matter what… I’m going to Arizona on Friday for a show. I’m going and coming back all within a 24 hr. period, but it should be a fun time. I hate checking my bags for short trips like that but since you can’t bring ANYTHING on a plane anymore, I guess I’ll have to. Talk to y’all on the other side of the trip!

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