No, I’m not channeling Oprah, and I know most of y’all don’t come here for my shopping advice ;) but I ran across a few things today that I really wanted to share with you… It’s Sunday again, and in addition to feeding my football habit, Sundays also mean my weekly trip to Eastern Market. I skipped the early games today, but I am planning to watch Dallas/NYG later… since I don’t have NFL Sunday Ticket and can’t see the Eagles game ;(

Is there anyway both of those teams could lose?… ‘Cause that would be ideal.

This week I took the fabulous DWJ with me. She’s not a regular market-goer, but I’m trying to ruin her and get her addicted ;) D runs an awesome blog about accessories called The Art of Accessories. If you haven’t already, please check her out! Her blog is perfect for girly-girls and fashionistas and even girly-girl wannabes like me! I’ve known D since sophomore or junior year at Howard. I think she initially saw me as a ‘project’ a’ la Tai in the movie Clueless. Ten years later, she’s finally begun to rub off on me ;) Tee hee ;)

One of the first stops we made was to this booth that had these amazing handbags made out of old book covers. Sounds funky, right? Well wait ’til you see ’em! I immediately saw one that I thought would be perfect for D… and then right next to it, there was a bag made out of the cover of an old Bible and it was screaming my name. Please see below:

biblebag_11.jpg biblebag_3.jpg biblebag_21.jpg

I couldn’t resist buying it and I’m not sure whether to put it in my closet or on my bookcase but I absolutely love it! ;) The artist is named Caitlin Phillips and her website is: The detail in her work is amazing! Ladies, check out the beautiful paisley lining. Y’all know I love a good conversation piece. And this is one for sure. I’m not certain what my recent interest in pieces that convey religious messages is all about (you may remember the piece below from my last post about my Eastern Market purchases) but I’m willing to embrace it!


Maybe God is trying to tell me something…

Tee hee:)… I just had another Color Purple moment:

Next, we walked over to the Cap. Hill Flea Market side and stopped in a booth run by a beautiful sista called Sola who crochets hats and scarves. You can find her online at D is a huge hat person and she tried on one that was soooo adorable I had to get it for her. But of course I had to get one for myself too… didn’t I? ;) I can’t remember the last time I wore a winter hat, but the one I bought today is going to change all that! Check us out in our new digs! How adorable are these hats?


Hope that if you’re in or around DC and into neat, funky accessories or art, you’ll check out some of these local folks. The Market is a G-R-E-A-T place to do your holiday shopping. Support local artists if you can!


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