I pulled up in front of my building the other day and noticed a dog pacing back and forth in front of my building and the two houses on either side. Then it crossed the street and sat on another neighbor’s porch for a while… It didn’t have a collar or a person attached to it so I decided to wait in my car until it was far enough down the street for me to make it safely to my building.

At first glance, I thought it was a doberman. But when it got closer to my car I realized it was a pitbull — YIKES!

Pretty, but <i>scary</i>

Pretty, but scary...

I eventually made a run for it. A few of my neighbors were on their porch in captivity as well, so as soon as I got inside my gate I called 911, who then put me through to Animal Control. In hindsight, I wish I had played it up a bit and been more hysterical. Because they tape those things and I mean, really… how often do you get the chance to legitimately call 911? It could have been great material for my E! True Hollywood Story.

Talk about a missed opportunity.

7 thoughts on “The pitbull, 911 and my E! THS

  1. ListenToLeon

    That’s a beautiful pit bull, but that dog would have put the fear of God in me too had I seen it roaming the streets unleashed!

    I saw a pit bull off it’s leash back in the day when I lived in SE, and promptly turned around and walked an extra block in the wrong direction just to avoid potentially being chased by it.

  2. Madcap

    That is a great looking pit bull. I don’t blame you for being intimidated because pit bulls can be quite dangerous. That locking jaw thing makes you think!

    Overall, people should work on keeping their dogs from roaming the streets. I understand that they can get out, but many people just don’t take enough effort to make sure they stay in the house or yard.

    Nice photo, and thanks for the post.
    .-= Madcap´s last blog ..Oak-Tanned Leather Pink Spiked Dog Collar =-.

  3. Mercer

    I perform with these dogs and as far as animal behavior goes, I am a strong believer in nurture and education. I have met Jack Russell Terriers that I wouldn’t go in close proximity to once again, but have certainly not had a awful knowledge with an American Staffordshire Terrier. If you are speaking about their owners- well, that’s a diverse story. Human beings are creatures as nicely, and we have a tendency to every have our very own concepts about “moral concepts”.

  4. Niki

    That is a beautiful dog and i can understand that if it was just roaming the street that you might be weary of it but just cause its a pitbull in no way makes it dangerous or a bad dog.
    I work with dogs and have done for several years now, including pitbulls and the only dogs that i have ever had aggression problems with have been a collie, quite a few terriers and jack russells and a certain labrador that has a major thing against kids, so much so that he would hunt them down if he got the chance.
    All of the pitbulls have had immaculate temperaments, the reason that they have such a bad rap is because you get idiots that think their hard for owning a dog like that.
    Personally i would trust a pitbull over something like a collie, pitbulls are known by dog specialists all over the world as ‘loyal, brave dogs, that will show absolute affection and devotion to anyone that shows it an ounce of kindness’.

    People shouldnt judge a dog by its breed, and the people that everyone should hate or be afraid of are those that hold the other end of that dogs leash because their the ones that are dangerous and are the ‘monsters’ that the media thrives upon writing about not the dogs that they simply use for their sick desires.

  5. Liam

    As a pitbull owner and animal volunteer, reading this article and some of the comments is disheartening. Judging by the photo it seems more likely that the dog was lost or confused than aggressive. If the dog had been a lab or a shepherd no one would have run inside and locked their doors. Of course it’s the responsibility of the owner to keep tabs on their dog, but because that one was a pit there is a high probability that it was picked up by the ACC and put straight on the 24 hour kill list.

    Also the locking jaw thing is a myth. Their jaws don’t lock, their brains don’t swell, they don’t “snap”, and according to national bite statistics you’re more likely to be mauled by a golden retriever than a pitbull.

  6. Brittney

    You are an idiot. Just because it is a pit bull does not mean it is vicious or dangerous. You are a stereotypical bitch who needs to get a life.

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