Comedy at a crab picking? … Check.

Comedy in a synagogue? … Check.

Guess I can cross Comedy in a greenhouse off my bucket list too!

Exhale… I love my job.

Greenstreet Gardens Center, Lothian, MD

Greenstreet Gardens Center, Lothian, MD

I did a private show last nite just outside Washington at a garden center called Greenstreet Gardens. It’s a straight shot – maybe 30 minutes – from my house but it almost seemed like a different world. Driving up from the street all I saw was the huge greenhouse in the back. But they also have a super-cute gift shop in the front — I would totally go back and patronize them. I bought a soy candle with a cranberry scent… It’s heavenly. I’m burning it right now. YUM! But anyway back to the story — the staff was having a Ladies Night appreciation event for their customers and so they had it catered with good food and wine and I was the entertainment.


Nice digs!

They rented a stage and a curtain and a sound system for me  and put it in the greenhouse. Awwww…


The "What's in your purse?" scorecard.

And what would any ladies nite be without the “What’s in your purse?” game… Any woman reading this post has probably played this game at a shower of some sort… If you’re not familiar, here’s how it goes: The host will pass out a sheet with a list of items ranging from “normal” (lipstick, powder) to “no freakin’ way” (pliers, a screwdriver) and there’s a point value associated with every item. And basically the person with the most items on the list in their purse wins a prize.

Well this game was going along just like any other I’d participated in. There was a prize for the winner of each item category and a grand prize winner as well. But then there was a twist at the end. The host for the evening asked which guest thought she had the most outrageous item in her purse and said there would be a prize for the winner. And I was thinking: How do you judge that? There’s no point system for that…


There was some really good stuff here...

Turns out though, that there was no disputing the winner. If you click to enlarge the photo you’ll see that there’s a pretty Japanese-esque hand fan, one woman has a roll of electrical tape, another had a video game joystick… one lady held up a doggie bag with her husband’s dinner in it. But there’s a lady towards the left of the photo wearing a red top and a black jacket, and she is holding… wait for it… a bottle of holy water.


Game over.

You win. Hands down. Everyone else, thanks for playing.

I can’t tell you how inadequate I felt as a woman. I had one of the lowest point totals, but  I won the prize for having the largest purse (It’s my everything bag. It holds my picture and video cameras, joke notebooks, phone, sometimes a change of clothes… but none of that stuff was on the list). I gotta do better.


I was just trying to help, Ike...

I had to meet the ‘holy water lady’ after the show. She was so funny. I asked her how she came to have holy water in her purse but for the life, I can’t remember what she said. I was still transfixed by the bottle in her hand and the fact that her name was Tina Turner. Yes, I’m serious.

Oh MAN,I love my job!!! ;)

I had a great time with the Greenstreet ladies. If you’re reading I hope some of y’all will come out to a show sometime!

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  1. Gale Poudrier

    I was going to enter some comments about last night, but Erin beat me to it. I have seen Erin perform and she is a hoot. At Greenstreet, we host two ladies night out a year and thought it would be different and fun to have a female comedian. I am so glad Erin was our guest comedian. We converted the place to the DC Improv with great food and beverage, cocktail tables and high chairs; we rented a stage and lighting and were good to go. Our guests just couldn’t stop giggling throughout her act. We received such great feedback already. Her jokes provided great laughs and a wonderful time out for busy moms, grandmothers, daughters and friends. Thanks Erin for making our event a huge success!

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