The pitbull, 911 and my E! THS

I pulled up in front of my building the other day and noticed a dog pacing back and forth in front of my building and the two houses on either side. Then it crossed the street and sat on another neighbor’s porch for a while… It didn’t have a collar or a person attached to it so I decided to wait in my car until it was far enough down the street for me to make it safely to my building.

At first glance, I thought it was a doberman. But when it got closer to my car I realized it was a pitbull — YIKES!

Pretty, but <i>scary</i>

Pretty, but scary...

I eventually made a run for it. A few of my neighbors were on their porch in captivity as well, so as soon as I got inside my gate I called 911, who then put me through to Animal Control. In hindsight, I wish I had played it up a bit and been more hysterical. Because they tape those things and I mean, really… how often do you get the chance to legitimately call 911? It could have been great material for my E! True Hollywood Story.

Talk about a missed opportunity.