Stand-up? I can’t even stand up

Gina Yashere, Maria Bamford, me, and Jamie Lee

I’ve been in LA for the past two days to tape a new stand-up show for TV Guide Network called “StandUp in Stilettos.” I’m also part of a theatre tour called “Pumps and Punchlines…” Haha, but I digress. SIS is an all-female comedy series hosted by Kate Flannery from “The Office,” and it premieres on June 16! Kate was lovely and super cute. Haha, but I think she was the only person who had on stilettos. I rocked a pretty basic pair of sandals that were still murdering my feet, and an olive green top with gold accents from the Noriega/Khadafi collection (pictured above).

Funny ladies Jamie Lee and Maria Bamford were on my episode. It was my first time meeting Maria, and she was awesome. My good buddy Gina Yashere came over to the studio a couple hours before her taping so she could catch mine. Because she is also awesome. Can’t wait to see this show. Though in the past year or two I’ve taped several things that never made it to air — or just haven’t made it there yet, I haven’t told jokes on TV in quite some time. Really looking to get my groove back in 2012. Wish me luck!