If your cable provider offers TV Guide Network, I will be on your television tomorrow nite, Saturday June 23, at 10:30pm Eastern. Watch me. The show is called Standup In Stilettos. I will be wearing a sandal with a modest heel. But you should watch anyway. Check me out in the promo above! I’ll be working so I’ll miss it, but y’all should watch me and tell me how it went!

3 thoughts on “Me on your TV TOMORROW!

    1. Erin

      Thanks for your kind words, and thanks for looking me up! I haven’t had the chance to see it yet but it’ll be on the DVR when I get home. Kinda can’t wait. ;)

  1. Baking not Writing.com

    You will love yourself! Well, hopefully you already do. But you know what I mean! So far, you are the funniest hands down on this show.

    Though I’m so glad someone is realizing that women ARE funny by having the show at all. In my old screenwriting workshop in LA, which was mostly guys of course, I used to have defend the idea that women are funny about once a week. !!!! Going to spread the word about you and your hilariousness…If that is a word.

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