Merry Text-mas

Alright already with the Christmas text messages. And the Thanksgiving text messages… and so on. I love y’all too. I really do. And I’m so glad that you thought about me during the holidays (if you, in fact really did). But it really is the most impersonal way to wish someone a Merry Christmas.

I’m cool with the electronic Christmas card, the mass e-mail newsletter about what’s gone on in your family over the past year… I’m cool with all that. There’s just something about the holiday text message that irks me. Maybe its because it’s not free (I don’t have that kind of plan y’all) and everyone in their mother sends one out. Maybe it’s because I can tell people just send them to everyone in their address book regardless of how close they are or aren’t to the people on their phone list…  I just got a text from a woman I did a show for 2 years ago, and a guy I dated more than 4 years ago. I know that booker didn’t intend specifically to wish me season’s greetings. She probably doesn’t even remember me. And old boy, I’m not even sure why my number would still be in his phone. His wasn’t in mine.

(Exhale)… I don’t know, call me Scrooge, whatever. I’m just venting. But think about what I’m saying here. For next year… or for New Year’s. Promise me you will. I gotta run downstairs and put this mac & cheese in the oven so, laytah :)