My GPS needs a GED

OK, so don’t get me wrong… I love and appreciate the new Garmin GPS I got for Christmas. Thanks so much, Daddy! But I was driving home from my NYE festivities in Baltimore last nite and as I’m headed for the BW Parkway, my GPS tells me to “Exit right onto ramp for Russel ‘Saint’ South.”

Russel Saint South? Really GPS??? I mean as a GPS I’m thinking that when you see the abbreviation “St.” you should probably default to “street” and not “saint.” Who coded this thing? I’m just saying. The GPS is super handy — especially for someone like me who’s traveling in strange cities a lot (hopefully I’ll remember to be extra-special careful with it — as I have a habit of losing things). But it really caught me off guard last nite and there was no one in the car for me to share it with ;) Tee hee ;) You’re welcome.

Happy New Year everyone!