So long, old friend



This hurt. I mean it’s not like I didn’t know it was coming — I actually had a Google Alert set up to monitor the trade talks, but hearing the official word hit me hard.

Last nite I was pretty bummed. My Facebook timeline is filled with condolences and chiding. I felt like I did back when I wanted to quit 4th grade when my favorite teacher, Mrs. Ladd, went on maternity leave. But after Andy Reid’s press conference and listening to WIP 610 Sportstalk in Philly all nite and watching the ESPN reporting, I realize that they actually did the best they could by McNabb once they decided they were gonna trade him — which is waaaaaay more than I can say about the way they handled the Dawkins and Westbrooks trades. I mean offering Brian Dawkins (a captain, tested veteran, and the leader of your top-ranked defense) the same 2-year, 5-million dollar contract we gave to Michael Vick, our recently paroled, 3rd string QB experiment was just disrespectful. And notifying Brian Westbrook they were cutting him over the phone without even the courtesy of a conversation was just ugly.

It seems like in this situation Reid actually tried to get McNabb into the best situation for him considering what was out there. I’m interested to see how this intra-divisional trade thing works though. When they play each other you gotta figure no one knows McNabb and his tendencies like Andy Reid… But also no one knows the Eagles offense like McNabb, so he’s gonna be a great asset to the Washington on the defensive front too. I’m worried about the fact that there are virtually no veterans left on our team, but I feel much better about this trade today considering how badly Donovan has been treated by so many Eagles fans over the past decade.

I’m so ready for football.

PHI 34, KC 14

Didn’t realize I didn’t post this last week…


Should I eat Kevin Kolb Krow? Probably. So here goes: I was completely surprised by his play today. Great to see what getting the reps in practice can do for a guys game and confidence. He did great.

There, I said it.

As you know I have no NFL DirecTV package so I didn’t see the whole game because we were beating KC so badly, they stopped covering the game and moved over to Jets coverage somewhere near the beginning of the 3rd quarter. It was clear they weren’t gonna come back on us, so I was OK with that. Plus that Sanchez is exciting to watch. He’s gonna be a beast. I hope.

Next week – BYE. So get healthy fellas and let’s get busy.

Record: 2-1