Daniel Craig: Devastatingly Handsome(?)

I recently saw our newest Bond described that way in some magazine — (People or GQ maybe?).

And I totally agree with the sentiment. I think Daniel Craig is a hottie — although it took me a while to be sure. In my opinion, his features are such that he’s right on the line between super duper gorgeous and just plain old ‘interesting looking’ — if that makes any sense. In “Munich” I was like ‘eh’ but as 007 “somebody please hand me a funeral home church fan cause it’s getting hot in here”

But devastatingly handsome…?

I think that’s a bit much. Ladies, when is the last time you saw a man so fine you were devastated? I’m gonna go ahead and guess ‘never’. I mean, I’ve known a lot of good-looking men in my day. But not one of them has ever knocked my power out or caused a flood or a famine.

I did date a guy once who made me wanna stop eating while we were together, but it wasn’t devastation. Just the Atkins diet.

I think we get a little excited with our adjectives in this country is all I’m saying…