I recently saw our newest Bond described that way in some magazine — (People or GQ maybe?).

And I totally agree with the sentiment. I think Daniel Craig is a hottie — although it took me a while to be sure. In my opinion, his features are such that he’s right on the line between super duper gorgeous and just plain old ‘interesting looking’ — if that makes any sense. In “Munich” I was like ‘eh’ but as 007 “somebody please hand me a funeral home church fan cause it’s getting hot in here”

But devastatingly handsome…?

I think that’s a bit much. Ladies, when is the last time you saw a man so fine you were devastated? I’m gonna go ahead and guess ‘never’. I mean, I’ve known a lot of good-looking men in my day. But not one of them has ever knocked my power out or caused a flood or a famine.

I did date a guy once who made me wanna stop eating while we were together, but it wasn’t devastation. Just the Atkins diet.

I think we get a little excited with our adjectives in this country is all I’m saying…


4 thoughts on “Daniel Craig: Devastatingly Handsome(?)

  1. Lisa Lena Smith

    He is so hansome expecially in 007 he isnt “right on the line between super duper gorgeous and just plain old” he looks mature and georgous and has to be in the top 5 hottest men in my book.

  2. jackie

    I think Daniel has a rugged sexiness about him it isnt overpowering its very subtle it comes i guess with maturity and experience. I dont think he is the sexiest man alive but i do agree he is the sort of fellow you have to look twice at and when you do you cant look away he has that certain something that can not be describe that draws you in. I think he is a lovely person inside and out but i also think whoa betide anyone who hurts something he cares about I think he can become very cross easily.Whether he is aware of it or not he has that brooding quality about hime LADIES BE WARE.

  3. Bob the Chef

    jackie: you’re describing Bond and his relationship to Vesper, not Daniel Craig! :)

    He looks very Slavic. Polish or maybe Russian or something like that. I bet if he were around as an actor during the Cold War, he’d get the part of some Communist spy enemy of Bond’s.

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