Read My Lips: No New FUBU

This is the FUBU logo on my friend Carrie’s coat.

An updated version from the old FUBU logo I remember from the 90’s:

I didn’t even know FUBU was still in business.

Maybe they aren’t.
Because in researching for this post (yes, researching) I couldn’t find a live website for the company. Yet, she says she bought it pretty recently. Though not surprising, it would be sad that FUBU went out of business — seeing as how it was for ‘us’ and by ‘us’… But even sadder is the thought that the company has closed up shop and there is actually someone out there bootlegging FUBU gear. Yikes.

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War stories and ‘chichi’ brunch

My battle buddies: Stacey, Carrie and Regina

My battle buddies: Stacey, Carrie and Regina

I’ve never been to war — hell, I’ve never been in a fist fight, but if I can liken anything to what I imagine war would be like, it’d be the last job I had. I don’t think anyone who worked there enjoyed it. It was just an awful, unhealthy environment.

It was while I was working this job that I finally tried stand-up for the first time. I was miserable for 40 hours a week at work and I was looking for something to help infuse some joy into my personal life. The only bright spot in my days were the friends I made while working there. We were down in the trenches together and we were literally like a support group for each other. We’ve remained friends and still hang out whenever our schedules permit. This weekend we went to brunch at a ‘chichi’ spot in DC to reminisce on old war stories and just catch up in general. I heart these girls. They were my first joke testers. I’d go into their offices and tell them the first [terrible] jokes I ever wrote… They always laughed. And I KNOW I wasn’t funny then.

Silver lining: If I’d not had that crappy job, I may never have appreciated quite how sweet it is to do something you love for a living.

Love you guys!!! Thanks for being such awesome friends ;)