My battle buddies: Stacey, Carrie and Regina

My battle buddies: Stacey, Carrie and Regina

I’ve never been to war — hell, I’ve never been in a fist fight, but if I can liken anything to what I imagine war would be like, it’d be the last job I had. I don’t think anyone who worked there enjoyed it. It was just an awful, unhealthy environment.

It was while I was working this job that I finally tried stand-up for the first time. I was miserable for 40 hours a week at work and I was looking for something to help infuse some joy into my personal life. The only bright spot in my days were the friends I made while working there. We were down in the trenches together and we were literally like a support group for each other. We’ve remained friends and still hang out whenever our schedules permit. This weekend we went to brunch at a ‘chichi’ spot in DC to reminisce on old war stories and just catch up in general. I heart these girls. They were my first joke testers. I’d go into their offices and tell them the first [terrible] jokes I ever wrote… They always laughed. And I KNOW I wasn’t funny then.

Silver lining: If I’d not had that crappy job, I may never have appreciated quite how sweet it is to do something you love for a living.

Love you guys!!! Thanks for being such awesome friends ;)

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