This is the FUBU logo on my friend Carrie’s coat.

An updated version from the old FUBU logo I remember from the 90’s:

I didn’t even know FUBU was still in business.

Maybe they aren’t.
Because in researching for this post (yes, researching) I couldn’t find a live website for the company. Yet, she says she bought it pretty recently. Though not surprising, it would be sad that FUBU went out of business — seeing as how it was for ‘us’ and by ‘us’… But even sadder is the thought that the company has closed up shop and there is actually someone out there bootlegging FUBU gear. Yikes.

This is my friend Carrie:

And here’s when the story gets funny…

Carrie, her husband Luke, our girlfriend Stacey and I were all out to dinner last nite when Stacey peeped the tiny embroidered FUBU logo on Carrie’s jacket and asked, “Ummm… does your coat say FUBU?” Convinced she was mistaken I dismissed her question. But Carrie quickly answered “Yes,” and I then moved in for a closer inspection…

Stacey: And you know that means ‘for us by us’, right?
Carrie: Yes
Me: And you know the ‘us’ is… ‘us’ (pointing to me and Stacey), right?
Carrie: Yes
Luke: Wait, is that what FUBU stands for?
Me, Carrie & Stacey: Yes.

And then there was at least a minute of hearty laughter.

Carrie said she purchased it on a ski trip maybe?… I may have misheard that because I was too busy choking on my laughter. That would have been one hood-ass ski lodge! And yes, I just hyphenated ‘hood-ass’. I do still remember a few things from the “New York Times Manual of Style and Usage.”

But I digress.

We then got into a discussion about the limited marketing scope of this company and how that may have led to it’s demise. Perhaps the name For Everyone By Us would have lent itself to a more sustainable business model. Sure, FEBU sounds strange to our ears now but no stranger than FUBU did back in the day… Now in the interest of full disclosure I’ll admit this FB Legacy Website did come up in a Google search. I think it might be the latest iteration of the FUBU brand. But I can’t be sure that it’s actually connected as FUBU isn’t mentioned anywhere on the site.

Anyway, the point of this blog — if there is a point — is that I heart Carrie. And if there is a secondary point, it’s that I heart her even more for owning that coat. And if I can wring out a tertiary point, it would be please stop buying, manufacturing and/or bootlegging FUBU.

FUBU was a long, long time ago. You must let it go.

Word to your moms.

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