That’s what I get…

So I was Googling for more photos of Derek J to brighten up this dreary Saturday afternoon, and I came across a photo of him rocking a top that I own…

That’s what I get.

You’re right Jesus. What I was doing was ugly. Poking fun at this man’s style and he’s just trying to live… Right now though, I’m trying to decide which is worse: Finding out Derek J and I have the same taste in clothing, or knowing I’d probably lose to him in a “who wore it better” poll?


No seriously, what are you wearing?

Someone needs to make a way for BET’s Dr. Bobby Jones and Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley to co-star in their own reality TV show. STAT! Seriously, it’s the most interesting thing that’s not on TV… They could call it: “Nigga What Are You WEARING? No Nigga, What Are YOU Wearing?”

Not sure who one or both of these folks is/are? Please refer to Exhibits A-D below:

Case rested.