This is not what I needed after the day I had yesterday. AND Dallas lost… We could have evened things up.


Record: 2-2

6 thoughts on “PHI 20, CHI 24

  1. EJ

    ‘Da Bears’ didn’t win. We lost.

    But wait ’til LJ and B. West get back. It’ll be on again.

    I still love you Ansel, but don’t try me ;)

  2. Odyssey Michaels

    Do you remember the conversation that we had about the Skins and the Cowboys? And about the Eagles? Do you remember? Huh? Or maybe I made it up in my head. Anyway, It was a conversation (mostly in my head) about how the Skins were going to whip up on the Cowboys and about how you were going to be putting up the picture of you with the frown. I’m almost sad that it came true. But not really. I still love you.

  3. Ansel

    It seems to me that the iggles couldn’t get a yard, with our all-pro defensive tackle missing! Not the mark of a championship football team! I love you too, but you’d better get used to the frowny face picture. Lets hope you rebound against the Skins. The DC fans are little too damn abnoxious after beating the Cowboys!

  4. EJ

    Ummm… I believe our injured star RB Brian Westbrook is an all-pro as well. But I digress, yes we gotta beat the Skins. Though I secretly am happy whenever any team beats whichever team TO is playing for.

    Yes, I’m a hater.

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