I’ve never been short on opinions… I guess that helps in this line of work, but I’m always very wary of offering up my opinions on material to other comics when they haven’t asked. Some folks have no problem doing it. They’ll walk up right after your set and hand you an index card full of suggestions… but it always makes me uncomfortable… You never know how people will receive it. And if you really don’t like something, how do you diplomatically tell someone that their idea is weak? I usually end up doing more “I hope you don’t mind, but”s and “well, it’s just my opinion”s and “maybe it’s just not my style”s than anything constructive. I hate it, hate it, hate it… But last nite I sucked it up and offered a few unsolicited suggestions on a bit or two to a fellow comic and she was very receptive. It wasn’t any rocket science. Just stuff folks have said to me, but she got it and it made me feel good to pass on those few nuggets… So………… from now on this journal is going to be dedicated solely to my opinions on other people’s material. What’s good. What blows… complete with website links and bios. It’s gonna be so liberating! :)

Tee hee…

That would be awful wouldn’t it? I bet the traffic on my site would super-quadruple :) The end. Oh and I’m putting the Jamie Foxx joint back up for all y’all who missed it. It’s a couple years old, but still funny as all hell.

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