Yes, Mussolini… because I’m trying to illustrate a point here.

I was talking with a friend this past weekend about how stinky he thought it was that the NFL Network is holding Thursday Night Football hostage. Can’t really get mad about ESPN carrying the Monday games (except for the fact that I can’t watch in my cable-less bedroom) because it’s basic cable, and you pretty much have to have basic cable to watch anything on TV these days. But the NFL Network? Most cable carriers don’t even offer it. And if they do, it’s at the premium level. I would have to seriously upgrade ($$$) my basic package or get a satellite to get NFLN — and even if I wanted to pay for that, I couldn’t because I live in a condo that doesn’t permit it.

I remember when everyone was switching over to digital cable a few years back… I tried to hold on to my analog cable and in turn Comcast held my HBO’s for ransom. I had like 4 of them and then one day they cut me back to 1 and sent me a letter that said, “If you ever wanna see your HBO Comedy again… you’ll give us $45 more dollars a month… and a learjet.” Now, typically I don’t negotiate with terrorists, but how was I gonna live without HBO Comedy and HBO Latino? (What? I like to get buzzed and giggle at the dubbing ;)

Comcast is so gangsta. I mean they basically demanded that the NFL give them a financial interest in NFLN before they would carry the network in all its markets. In the hood, I believe that’s called ‘points on the package’ (I learned that on ‘The Wire’).

I’m especially bothered this week because on Thursday I’m going to be at the crib with family for Thanksgiving and the Eagles have Arizona at home. I won’t be able to go out to watch the game, and I really need to see how the team recovers from Sunday’s mess…

But I won’t see it, will I?

I think both companies are wrong and the real losers are the fans. Damn u cable fascists.

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